Congrats to Officer of the Quarter!


The Above & Beyond Award for 2Qtr 2016 went to Officer Chris Basye!

Officer Basye just returned from a seven (7) day missionary trip to Nicaragua on June 26, 2015.  He has been a part of the New Hope Church Nicaragua Mission Team for the last five (5) years. The team consists of 20-25 members.  The last four (4) years he has been a Co-Leader of the trip.  They travel to Leon, Nicaragua, and work with a church called “Luz y Vida.” They have a school and a church and the mission team assists them in building class rooms and adding on to their church.   

On this year’s trip, the team put up new fencing around the property to try and keep the school more secure.  They put on a three day medical clinic which made medical treatment available for over three hundred (300) people from the community.   They put on Vacation Bible School for three (3) days and cleared an area that was over grown, allowing the kids more room to play. Additionally, the mission team painted two school buildings, and the church, and helped them run electricity in the school. 

Basye’s Supervisor, Sgt. Kennimer said, “Officer Basye is a very positive and relaxed member of A Squad. He works to maintain a very positive relationship with his district (E) and neighboring district partners. He demonstrates a very team minded approach to police work and never hesitates to step up for a call that needs handling or to change districts when manpower necessitates the move. He communicates in a very professional manner with members of the public, seldom if ever becoming flustered, and represents the Department very well when on duty.”



2 responses to “Congrats to Officer of the Quarter!

  1. Officer Basye, I’m not at all surprised by this award!

  2. Reigh Heislop

    Congratulations Chris.

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