What is the 100 Club of Pearland?

The 100 Club of Pearland is a group of citizens bound together by uniform rules and regulations for the purpose of providing financial assistance to the City of Pearland Police Officers through insurance and special education in crime prevention. We are independent of other 100 Clubs in nearby towns and cities. Because we do not have to provide insurance for any other entity, the 100 Club of Pearland can focus exclusively on the Pearland Police Department’s Officers that Protect and Serve the Pearland community – every day!

“If your sticker doesn’t say Pearland, you aren’t supporting locally!”

How does the 100 Club function?

The 100 Club of Pearland is a non-profit corporation organized in 1982. The corporation is headed by a fifteen-member Board of Directors. The Board elects a president, secretary and treasurer to manage the day-to-day operations of the 100 Club.

What services and benefits are provided by the 100 Club of Pearland?

The 100 Club of Pearland provides $200,000 insurance coverage for police officers fatally injured in the line of duty and up to $100,000 for accidental dismemberment. Additionally, the 100 Club provides funds from time to time to assist the Police Department to allow its officers to further their education in crime prevention. (Benefits to policy limits only.)

2016 -2017 Board of Directors:

Contact Phone: 281.997.4295